Hey, all of you interested people,  We (our new club called Red River Intertribal Club) have formed a group that promotes native culture, education and dancing at area powwows. The club is open to all interested in joining. We raise money for an annual Powwow here in Wichita Falls, and the money we make at the powwow, we donate to a chosen local charity. We have also co-sponsored other powwows in Dallas, and Lawton. We teach native american etiquette, culture, regalia construction, Southern style Powwow singing and dancing. Send me a message and I will give you more information on meetings and membership info.   The annual fee for membership is $10 per person, or $25 per family.


  1. Our club is an intertribal group, meaning that we respect and solicit membership in our group of any and all members of any tribal affiliation, or non-members of a tribe or tribal entity, wishing to gain knowledge and understanding of native american peoples, and their cultures. We request that members respect collective native american traditions, but cannot demand it, since we are a not for profit group, and focus on the social aspects of the culture, in the dancing and singing of traditionall etiquette, dance steps and styles, regalia, and songs.

  2. Please send me info on membership.

    thank You

    Gus k

  3. Hello,

    I would like to inquire about membership information.

    Thank you-
    R.V II

    • sorry to take so long to reply, if you are still interested, please call me, Jim Moore, President of RRIC at 940-782-7747. You might have to leave a message if I dont answer. I have not been checking this website much since it does not have much info on it. Our Facebook page “Red River Intertribal Club” has been very very active on providing lots of information.

  4. Please send me info about membership. My family and I are interested in joining.

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